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I cannot live without books.

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School Participation

Every year around World Book Day many schools collect English and French language books for Read to Grow. These are mainly Dutch and European International Schools. There are also a number of Dutch high schools that collect books for us. In Scotland some thirty primary schools participate in Read to Grow.
Would you like to collect books for Read to Grow at your school?

You can! In the following we explain briefly how it works.
How can your school collect books?
  • By asking your students to look if there are books, at home or in their family circle, available to donate to Read to Grow.
  • By looking in your school library if there are redundant books that can be donated.
The schedule of the drive

Each year the participating schools initiate the World Book Day Drive in February. Around that time Read to Grow contacts our usual contact at your school and sends information and materials to publicize the drive to your students. From the middle of March until April 23 the students can bring their books to collection points at your school. In the period between early May and the middle of June Read to grow makes an appointment to collect the books at your school.

After the summer holidays we investigate which school has collected the largest number of books per student and wins the World Book Day Award. The award will be handed out in the course of the year.

Are you interested to participate in the World Book Day Drive with your school? Please contact us.

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